How good is Wateen Wimax?

Hey guys

Can some one tell me if Wateen Wimax is any good or I have to wait till PTCL DSL enters the exchange in my area?

My main concern is the Ping as always because Games and other real time activities are what i use the internet for, most of the time

Down and up speeds come after...

Not much, if reviews are anything to go by. And all wireless services have high latency which makes them unsuitable for online gaming.

i used my cousin's in karachi

it sucked as bad as dial up.........

man there is no fixed speed......

at night its luck that you can even open google.....

Oh well,browsing is pretty decent,downloading is totally crap.Latency is usually very high and not stable at all.My advice would be forget about it and wait for ptcl dsl.

Alright so wait for PTCL we must...

I have been declared as Out of Coverage after one and a half year..................... what an achievement by wateen (yateem) telecom....

Defence Housing Authority Phase-2 Extension, Karachi ::::: Out of Coverage Area


Wateen is just OK

I think they must provide the speed as they mention on their adds

They also need to lower their rates and make their packages unlimited. They need to become competitive to PTCL EVDO, otherwise they'll fade to darkness of night with such speed that it might challenged speed of light.

I for one have been using wateen for 1 year and experienced no problem, the speed is better than the ptcl dsl installed at my friends house (both are 512kbps) and I find wateen cheaper as well. I get an average of 54kb/sec in downloading BUT the only thing annoying me is the STUPID DOWNLOAD CAP!

Played Battlefield heroes online using wateen 1MB unlimited connection.

It played smoothly , no lag what so ever.

Although there are times during surfing through 10 tabs simultaneously, it does tend to slow down. But overall I am satisfied.

It is good enough to give you high blood pressure and subsequently all diseases related to it. Live a happy life and avoid Wateen.

@Jedi Hunter:

See when speaking of wireless, they are unpredictable as to performance which varies to a great deal from area to area - speaking of Karachi, whether be it WiMAX or EVDO.

So my simple suggstion is, try both the technologies by different vendors (Wateen, Wi-Tribe for WiMAX or PTCL and Worldcall for EVDO) in your prime location of use and see the performance then make a final decision.

As far as WiMAX is concerned, majority of people have positive feedback about Wi-TRIBE but for PTCL people are equally cursing or praising Worldcall and PTCL depending on area.

My post may not directly answer your question but may enable you to make an informed decision.

Good luck.