How do you sell?

i want to sell something outside lahore.... what is the procedure that you guyz do??

do i get the full money first and then send it??

do i get half the money first and then send it and get the rest of the money after that??

do i get to send it first and receive the money at the end??

what is the common procedure?? as i think i should get the money first and then send it... but ofcourse why should he trust me... what is the procedure??

post wth u want to sell and if sum one is intrested he/she will contact you, arrange everythin with him/her... its between u guys to decide wth u wana do....

i need help with this too...i need 2 buy an iphone from someone in islamabad and i am in KHI..dont know how to proceed

yaar as far as i have seen on forums the buyers pays the money first... then the seller sends the item... that is how people buy online give money first and then they send you the stuff

i have a buyer and he is in abbotabad... so i was just asking about normal procedure(you know nowadays people got trust issues which includes me)

on pakgamers forums(which are a lot more active than these forums) they are saying that the buyer sends the money first...