How do i Get Internet in hostel?

We cannot get any DSL or Worldcall cable internet in private hostel? or even a PTCL landline? Anybody knows about this?

Check out zong using the hourly package, borrow someone's sim or if you have a sim that is not in use, convert it to zong and use your phone to connect (Use Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson PC Suite), then try out its internet, if you like it, get 2GB (Rs. 200+tax), 4GB (Rs. 400+tax) or Truly Unlimited (Rs. 999+tax). This is the cheapest one you can get hence its worth a try. You will probably have edge in your university so if you have an edge class 10-12 you'll have maximum download speed of 236.8kbps (29.6KB/s) or if you have an edge class 32 device your maximum download speed will be 296kbps (37KB/s).

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Well Dear Wateen Was Poor even worst in its initial days , but now its going gud and smooth i myself using it…


Yea, I am another satisfied user of Wateen, although much of the satisfaction comes from having an access point right in front of my house ;)

Can we get a PTCL landline in hostel? or even a worldcall cable?