How Do I Delete XP Copy From My "D" Drive


OK, here's the deal. I have two copies of XP installed on

my PC. One on C:\ and the other on D:\ drive. I wish to

delete the copy on D:\ drive.

I have google'd it and all I could find were suggestions to

format the entire D:\ drive. That, is not an option. There

is other stuff on the D:\ drive that cannot be moved.

Is there a way to do it guys ?. Calling all experts and gurus.




Sheikh 'In Trouble' Chilli


Well you could try to change the boot file so the other Windows on D drive doesn't show up at startup. And then you can simply go into D: and delete the Windows related folders.

Another (less efficient) way is to simply delete the Windows folders on D:, then run the Windows installation CD on your C drive Windows, and do an 'upgrade'. This will reinstall the core files, and will also fix your boot file. Not the smartest way, but it works!


Thanks sah. I tried to do that and I get error

messages that you can't delete them because

access is denied/files are in use/etc.

I don't use this copy and it's just laying there.

So I don't know how the files are "in use". But





Sheikh 'Flip Side' Chilli


search google for a software named unlocker, it will delete any file with any permissons whatsoever, i also used it to do the same thing ur trying to do.


OK, got it done (I think). What I did was, as sah suggested

to delete the mention of XP copy on Drive D, from the boot

.ini file.

Then when I rebooted, the system only activated the Drive C,

XP files. So when I tried to delete the Drive D XP files now,

(none of them was in business), so all of them gave way,

without putting up a fight.

There might be some invisible files lurking around, or something

in the registry, but that's OK. Glad to have that over with. Phew.

Thanks for that other software Sameed. I will need it to get rid

of another meddlesome file that considers itself immune to my





Sheikh 'Relief' Chilli