How can i keep my a.c turned of even after power restores?

I have a 5kv natural gas generator installed with an ATS.

But i have enough load at my place to cover that up. there is a fridge a deep freezer and about 5 split ac's.

fridge and freezer are usually running 24 hours. and when any of the a.c is running too we have to turn the ac off when ever power goes out and before the generator starts. bcz it can't handle this much load. and the most of split i have are equipped auto start feature when power restores.

Is there any type of external device which can trip the ac main power when power goes out. so that we have to turn them back on manually when we want to avoid over loading the generator????

i'm not talking about just delaying the power to the a.c as it can be done by contractors i think. I want total power disconnection to a.c power cable until and unless i my self restore it manually.

Any idea's? professional or even just experience?

Haseeb the detailed answers are in the "Generator thread" already.

I tried to search about it in the generator thread earlier but could not.

when u told me i wondered in it again from the beginning and at last found it.

thanks anyway

No problem at all.