does anyone know about private hostels in islamabad .Plz tell me about private hostels if u know becoz i m have not find room and my classes at iiui have started.Does FAST has hostels or students live in private hostels

AOA ...

Brother for first two semesters all iiui students face same problem. i myself had been the victim . cann't give you specific information abt private hostle rather can just suggest you how to search , may be it help u .

1. first and foremost try to spare time to search yourself in I-9 area , i m sure there must be few private hostles as there used to be in 2005. you will find these populated with iiui new-comers :) .

if unfortunatly u fail to find in i-9 area , you will have to find in RWP or in islamabad's others sectors .. in this cas A tip for you is , consult iiui transport department to determine transport routes in ISB and RWP . once u get to know iiui transport routes try to find residence along these routes so that may avail pick and drop facility which ensures to get to university in time.

2. secondly try to consult photo-copiers in campus , canteen guys for they often have the information regarding private hostles etc . pay attention to notices on same places asking for sharing hostle room or private residence and contact them.

3. third and last option is best but might be a little difficult for you .. that is to form a group of 6 to 7 students and contact some property dealer in the area u r intrested to get residence in , he(property dealer) may arrange a house on rent for you guys on commission which u will agree to in deal .

one more thing you will have to keep in view is messing , thats most important , either arrange a cooke for group in residence or look for residence in market area where you may not face trouble for meal .

these were a recomendation from a former iiui's victim lolz ... dont forget first semester is going to be toughest in terms of boarding , once you survive it ... you will be smooth sailing for the rest of your stay in iiui .

Best of luck buddy ...

May Allah Favour you Always ..