HOST file

I have added few sites in my HOST file (Windows Vista).

When i try to open them in browser i sometimes get error "Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)"

Restarting windows solve this problem, i want to know is there any other way that i can access these sites without restarting windows.

Is there any firefox extension, that lets me save i.p.s of sites ?

If you add a web-site in HOSTS file to disable access to it, for example as following:

Then no software in your computer is going to access real

Instead of restarting, you can do: Control Panel->Network Connections->Right-click on network adapter's icon and select Repair.

I am not trying to block sites. I am trying to visit a site that does not have a domain (at least no DNS server resolves its domain). I know the i.p. and only way to access it is by putting a line similar to "" in my HOST file. The problem is when internet [DSL] disconnects (i am using bridge mode), i am sometimes unable to visit that site. Only solution that works always is restarting PC.

Repairing network connection doesn't help.

if it does happen it will take a real long time. and I dont think u can access it without DNS or proper protocol

I think i have found the root of this problem, it didn't have anything to do with DNS (HOST file). When my I.P. starts with 116.x.x.x, i can't access or ping the site (i initially thought that i.p. did not replied to pings), but when my i.p. starts with 119.152.x.x, i am able to access it (and i am able to ping it).

^ Then it might be your DNS server problem. Do you have same DNS server with both IP series (116.x.x.x and 119.152.x.x)?