Hookers in Karachi

I tried to find everywhere but cant find one.

Please help me, i really need one.

u already posted a thread which was closed....

u tried to find every where...!!

may b this is the case with..

"bacha baghal main dandhora sheher main..."

soryy but ur stupid atitude forced me to act like this....

Dont you understand, this is a TECH forum, dont discuss other things here. :/

Repeated offense of a post which serves no purpose with regards to this forum's scope. Take a week long vacation.

You were banned for being a retard (and rightly so...), but I couldn't help but feel sorry for you. I'm almost obligated to help you out in this 'situation'. Contact this person, explain your problem to him and tell him what you're looking for. He can solve allll your problems! :)

Mr. Arif Aslam Kundi

Phone: 051-9213173