HOMAGE UPS Repairing


I have a HOMAGE UPS Model: HMX2001, installed with solar panels.

It is been working fine for the few days. The UPS is on Back UP Mode (Battery )

and does not switch to Charging mode.

Any help/suggestions shall be appreciated. Thanks

need homage upa diagram

kindly mail me the videos plz.

anwar621@gmail . com

Dear Brothers!

SIMTEK has introduced new PURE SINE WAVE series UPS/Inverters with three stage intelligent charger.

  1. Bulk
  2. Absorption
  3. Float

This series is Pure Sine Wave and the 3 stage intelligent charger prolongs the service life of the battery.
Ideal in low budget .
i am using with automotive battery i-e AGS and working perfectly.

you can find details on there website.

Can any one help to get Circuit diagram/ schematic of Homage UPS 1000VA 12Volt DC

I hope I’m not late but you can still check or someone else may also need it.

Can some one suggest me a good pure sine wave ups, I want to use it for PC and Fans, lights etc. suggest me 1KVA and 2KVA options also tell me about the good betteries.