Homage UPS Inverter?


a simple way to convert any Squar wave (desi/imported) UPS into Sine wave UPS. i tried it with my APC-500 old UPS it worked great. guys don't waste money in buying expensive sine wave UPS


i have Fujitech 1200VA inverter with Osaka IT1000 Battery my problem is that its give only 45 mins backup please help me? Thanks


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i have Fujitech 1200VA inverter with Osaka IT1000 Battery my problem is that its give only 45 mins backup please help me? Thanks

It appears your UPS is not fully charging the battery. You will have to get it checked by some technician as it is very difficult to diagnose at home without amp/volt meter.


After 1 and a half year continuous running, my combination of homage inverter and Osaka IT-1000 battery has started showing signs of trouble. I have to say it is more to do with the homage inverter than the battery. The inverter now slowly keeps on charging the battery and does not shut off as it used to do before. The result is that the battery remains warm to touch and needs to be topped off more often. The problem is not a big deal right now but it will get worse from now on.

I assume the battery has gotten old and can not now reach the homage cut-off voltage of 15.4 V (I think). I am surprised that Homage inverters' 2-stage charger does not have a ability to detect the battery strength and cutoff charging when the battery can not accept any more charge.

The system otherwise is performing well. Still gives me an hour worth of coverage during load shedding. I am reluctant to take it to a tech and have the inverter adjusted because I am afraid if I get this factory sealed unit opened once, it will never be able function right again if I ever decide to attach a new battery to it in future.

Does anybody have any solution?


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FAULT 0 means that Inverter is not Providing the Feedback signal in Battery Mode, do the following checks

1) Secondary side H-Bridge MOSFETS IRF740 have Shorted, its not a Fuse Problem, give it to Company they will fix it for U

2) check the Change over Relays Contacts sometimes they get weld due to short circuit,

3) check the Track on the PCB near the Current sensing Tx sometimes they burns up


Engr Asad Hameed



Thanks Engr Asad Hameed…


My first visit on this thread.. and i am amazed how the government has made our lives so miserable tht the most active thread in this section is a UPS one.. :D


i want to buy a ups from my computer system, 1 cpu + 17" Lcd + woofer + wateen device , i m confused that which one i buy, homage or made desi ups or APC ???? i have seen from my friend's ups that when the computer is working on ups a hhuuummm continues from woofers, but with wapda power the woofers are silent.....

... any body help me about my confusion, which one i purchase for my computer for better performance...




one of my friend have a desi ups, with this ups the system never restart when the wapda power gets off and his ups is working well since one year with osaka i-t series battery 140 amp, so i think desi ups is better than homage ups, because homage ups restart the computer every time when wapda power gets off...

what is your opinion?




imported is better, brand name or company name of that ups with pure sine wave current?????

how we check the ups that the ups current is square sine wave , modified sine wave or pure sine wave ?


i want to purchase 700 watt ups, which one is better for long back up 700 watt 12 V , or 700 watt 24 V ?? both are available....




i m using a 500 watts ups with 10 minutes backup, only for the purpose to properly shutdown my computer, this ups is 24 V with two internal dry batteries, each battery is of 7 amp/h , its backup time is 10 minute only and it is working well, how can i extend its backup in hours with replacing big batteries?? can this small ups charge the big batteries?? if not then how can i use it for long backup??? tell me friends plzzzzzzzz


^ Nah man your UPS can't charge big batteries. I got apc UPS with gives me 10 mins backup just for shutting down purpose.


how can i improve the backup time of my this small ups with internal batteries 24V ??




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how can i improve the backup time of my this small ups with internal batteries 24V ??

You can’t :D this kid can’t take big battery ,the battery won’t charge for you & deep discharge is dangerous for your battery too :D Be safe


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You can not. If you try to attach a large battery, It may damage your UPS.

why it may damage my ups??? in my point if view it will charge very slow the big batteries, but it will work ok, i think