Homage UPS and Homage Battery Feedback

Dont buy Homage. Here is my experience.

Bought a UPS 1000va and Homage maintenance free battery of 165 amp from Alfalah BAnk. The ups was dead when brought home with no warranty card. Took it to the company service center, abid market lahore, they seemed very hostile and evaded my concerns by talking about procedures they must take.

I managed to persuade the manager and he made the technician repair it on the spot, which was a feat in self as they dont give you that kinda service. Normal procedure will get you item and your will have to wait for days or even weeks to get any kind of results.

The guy repaired it. I bought a NEW repaired UPS ;) Brought home and electrician showed me that it was dead.

Next day there was a fight with them, verbal one ;) One of the manager posed to be the good guy and gave us a new UPS.

Brought that one home. It worked fine. Naa! This one has another problem. It does not charge the battery to its capacity. When the battery is drained the UPS shuts it off and when the light comes back it shows that it has charged the battery upto three dots out of four.

After 10 minutes it shows full four dots, which is impossible since 165 amp drained battery cannot be charged in 10 minutes by a ups that gives 10 to 12 amps /hour.

Have been running it in the same state as I dont have the time to fight again. Will take it to them in a week or two and may be they can tweak its settings so that it charges the battery to its full potential.

All in all a really bad customer service is what you get from them. Its the same company that deals in Kenwood.

Hope this feedback helps some one thinking of buying Homage.

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Never buy anything to deliver at home because we live in Pakistan and here lot of cheaters.