History of the World Financial System & Recent Financial Crisis

I found this movie quite interesting

Read a lot about it but seen a compiled and summarize version of all the history and things in this video.

This video will give you a great understanding of the World Economy and Money Supply.

US is facing Money short supply problem and on the contrary China is facing Money abundent Supply problem. (They never anticipated and still not happy How China stands up and recent global financial crisis and Upbringing of India is all part of this big plan)

It is estimated Rothschild have 500$ Billion of Worth of Gold and they are the ones who declare the Gold rates every day.

Well, Things are not the way they look.....................think about it.

The Super power is US and who is controlling the Super Power.

"The movement of Money"

No wonder a piece of Paper could become so important and digital money is being introduced and where as the Master of Money Making keeps Gold as they last resort.


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I read article about rothschild family in nawa-i-waqt sunday magazine. It was published in series. This family has their roots in banking and economic system, they didn't left any feild which they could get in their hands. their main objective was to Control the worldand super powers via money not empire. And they are successfull now.