High temperature of computer components


The components of my pc have been high on temperature lately . This wasnt the case before . For example my GPU temperature normally stays between 60 to 65 degrees Celsius. The temperature of hard disk is always high too . I am using a 400 W power supply and Nvidia NForce 650i Ultra motherboard , got any suggestions why am I having this prob .


Does you casing has appropriate airflow? How many fans do you have for inflow and outflow? What is their placement?

Get speedfan to get some details.


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Does you casing has appropriate airflow? How many fans do you have for inflow and outflow? What is their placement?

Get speedfan to get some details.


3 fans one next to the processor , one next to the GPU even though it has its own and one next to the power supply as an exhaust . When I play games the temp of the GPU rises upto 92 degrees. I am starting to get really worried.


which GPU is it? the integrated one?


u dont have proper airflow in ur case

do this add a fan to the front for inward flow and one at the back for the exhaust


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which GPU is it? the integrated one?

No not the integrated one !


Add 1/2 fans at the front and an equal or greater number at the back of the casing. For the one near the GPU, make it take air outside the case.


such a nice Replies :) . but i want to know that your PC spec's First !

High Temp Problem is Only in Card or any other Hardware too ? :o

by the way do u know about your Room Temperature ? :/ or any idea ?


yeah we wud like a lil bit more details on that what are the specs of the pc and what GPU u use, does only the themp of the GPU gous up or the whole system plus have u tried cleaning out the dust on the heat sinks, which is a major problem in heat transfer??


I think You should also check out alternative cooling solutions like that of cooler masters available on galaxy. Also if you can remove the fan and heatsink of your GPU. Then I would suggest that remove the old thermal paste between heat sink and GPU chip and get a fresh coating of a nice thermal paste.. It also helps. It migh be that the contact between your cards heat sink and chip are not tigh enough. Check if your heatsink is properly seated or not.

BTW does anyone know of a computer shop in Islamabad/rwp from where I can buy a decent cooling solution (cooler master or zalman) for my processor and GPU. I am also looking for a good thermal paste like Artic silver etc. I have looked in saddar as well as college road but of no avail. They have those desi puri of thermal paste and it costs around Rs 200/-.


well ezee i went through what you're going thru and I found out that you can only 'request' shops such as galaxy and the likes but no guarantees. I had to go with that intel supplied paste for the cpu in the end but its ok too.

If you find anything positive then keep us (me esp. :P ) posted wil ya...


Sure Sure why not Maliksaab !!!

I think the fault is not of the vendors as computer users here in Pakistan are naive when it comes to try new things (which on the other hand can save them alot of Rupees. I am talking about overclocking.) They are always afraid of destrying there PC. But the real fact is that its the lack of knowledge thats Destructive.

In western countries alot of people overclock and thus use after market cooling solutions. I myself have OCed my cpu to 3.6Ghz although I could do more but I need a cooling solution to do that. My CPU stock speed is 3.4Ghz. I know that the OC speed is not that significant but I cant risk burning my CPU without proper cooling as my CPU on av. processing gets around 65-68 Celcius.

Anyways if anyone knows of a place where we can buy a nice after market liquid cooler or atleast a decent heatsink I'll be gratefull if you could tell us.