High CPU usage and keyboard problem


1. I am experiencing high CPU usage.

2. Keyboard accepts keys after pressing a key for around 7 seconds.

3. Battery has stopped charging.

4. When the laptop is shut down 'Power Meter' of control panel is shown to be not responding which hasn't been started by me.

Screenshots of my Task Manager:



Solutions tried till now:

1. Windows reinstalled after formatting the partition.

2. Antivirus updated and complete hard disk scanned.

3. Keyboard accessibility options verified.


Probably the Charging circuit is faulty.

But one thing that can't understand is why the CPU usage in that screenshot at 93%, while the System Idle Process is at 56%? CPU usage should be 44%.

Have you reinstalled windows from a different CD?


If it's not a virus/spy/rootkit and you are sure about it (by booting into a bootable CD\DVD Linux) then it could be that your laptop is getting over-heated.

In case of over-heating, don't use your laptop and ASAP get it to some technician and let him inspect the hardware problem. Over-heating is deadly for computer components.

^exactly over heating came to my mind too, check the cpu temeperatures

Thanks guys for directing me to overheating. Picking your lead, I booted the laptop on direct power after removing the battery. The High CPU usage disappeared and what I observed on the battery was a 2 millimeter high lump towards the inner side. What I conclude is that the battery is burnt.

Any idea about price of the battery of an Acer Travelmate will be appreciated.

over heating is coz of high cpu usage, so the problem is cpu usage not over heating

another thing update windows frequently. I faced that problem almost 1.5 year ago

virus!! get ur PC scanned wid kaspersky!