HIdden Contentes of Drives

I have a strange problem whenever i open my drive all the contents files or folders appears to be hidden and drive seems to be formatted even in DOS only Safe Mode shows the files of drives can Any one Solve my prb

I'd the same problem before anyway what shows in disk management ??

Most probably some virus is making ur drives appear as if they r empty. Just get a good antivirus and scan your drives for any potential threats. I hope it will solve ur problem.

This a virus bro from which I suffered too. Scan your hard disk with a good anti virus and then use "attrib" command in DOS to set the folder properties to unhide again

i dont think it to be a virus just a file is probably is at trouble because every folder shows its contents if you have solved it with an antivirus then can u please name it with its version and updates please

i used ESET NOD32 bussiness edition. Solved the problem.

Registry settings of ur system have been modified by some virus, or some thing like that. I use smart simple antivirus to tackle with this problem. This software is available on softpedia and I guess is made by some pakistani bro. It restores windows default settings and thus solves the problm. hope it solves ur problm.


arif 7d can u please name the software with its version please

Copy the following into a text file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


<p>Save it as EnableHiddenFiles.reg or any other name provided the file extension remains the same.</p><p>Execute it and allow the entries to be added to your Windows registry.</p><p>You will now be able to view all your hidden files.</p></pre>

i also have the same problem. but my drive is not showing formated. it shows "12.5 GB used".i tried to do this registery method but it didn't work. i have avast 4.8 Home edition and latest update as well. it does not scan it. i also tried to open hidden folders from "RUN" command in start menu. but it gives an error msg that path doesn't exist.

u can also use winrar to see all the hidden contents.......

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u can also use winrar to see all the hidden contents…

Can u explain it a little more?

i think he meant the winrar browser

install winrar...

go to start menu and open winrar from all programs...

then right click anywhere in the window of winrar and choose

change drive

select drive

there you go....

you have all the hidden contents of your drives even very delicate one's which windows neva wana show you......

you can delete or mess with them easily there.....

^ but that doesn't solve the problem :) the virus will remain