Hi all. this is about DownloadsHell

Hi All

i m owner of Downloads Hell


I think i m the only person in pk who got a site like this

If any 1 else had it too then obviously contact me......^^

some suggestions for Admin

I need to talk to admin

Well beside all U got high traffic thats really difficult for a forum

Why u installed FluXBB

rather u can install PHPBB or Vbulletin which is good and have many plugins..........

I know u need to pay for that

but i can give you Vbulletin 3.6.8 free ^^......

Anyway keep it up..............

We don't support piracy, and we don't allow links to pirated content on this forum.

Get rid of the link in your sig linking to a piracy site. And next time any moderator leaves a message in your post, don't erase it or you will be banned.