Hey bunny come here


this is ... inhumane :/

my damn cousin showed me a video of some incident , recording of Bughdad TV ..

a circus Lion got mad on some guy trying to feed him, and the lion took him down inside his cage, these n00bs were recording, the security guards were doing nothing, .. the dude incide went totally motionless, unconscious i believe. the Lion kept on checking out each of his body part ... then some guy came in and shot the lion in the head three times.

that too was disturbing ... couldn't take it off my mind for a while :|

damn he killed a cute bunny :D

was tht a toy or real :) ?

I have a bunny pet and I will take that bird into court on behalf of my bunny :o What a terrorist Bird!!!

Will you please forward me address of that Bird?


He probably lives in swat.

Happy hunting!

Hes not eating it, he was just giving the cute bunny wunny a bath. Then some Humes came hunting for wabbits, the bird opened its mouth and stored the rabbit in its gullet temporarily, til the Humes were all gone. What the bird didn't realize is that the Humes were Pak army, and they were lookin for suicide bombers, so as they came close to the bird,

the wabbit went........Booom!!!!!!!

no this bird is an indian agent trying to terrorise us!