Help to buy

Hi all, I wanna buy a system containing a processor, board, ram (1gb ddr2), 80/160 gb hdd, casing and supply. My budget is around 16000.

The system must be overclockable and must have a decent onboard graphics.

can i get a core2duo in this range?

And select the motherboard which will allow me to upgrade the processor/ram and has the pci e slot.

Thanx all

u can always check prices at

there they have prices and configuration with details for every product.

i went to galaxy some time ago their prices were higher than the market. What about now days???

Ok i will luk at galaxy but can u people advise me on the board and processor which will have overclockability and meets my requirements.

anyone selling his cpu??? Plz post your system's specification, but b4 posting kindly review my requirements. And if you have seperate items then do post them too.

U can check prices of old nd new sys from