Help required: Problem with Shiro Modem

I have 1 MB PTCL boradband connection and have Shiro modem. Can you please help me with this problem?

My modem get's reset every few minutes, I think it has become voltage sensitive(as due to load-shedding, voltage in my area fluctuates but it isn't effecting other devices at home) . A month back, modem only getting reset when shifting to and back from UPS to main electric power line but now it is getting reset after every few minutes.

Do you think it is problem with the Adapter? PTCL guy says that the modem is very voltage sensitive but i have also tried it running on a perfectly working voltage stabilizer and it is giving same problem. Please help...

Change Adapter ......

Change modem. Worse modem! use ZTE or Huawei. I just exchange it with ZTE ZXDSL 831 Series

ya take modem to ur concerned exchange!