Help regarding router

hi i have question i want to use router to connect one pc and a laptop now i read on internet to connect router what i got is need cable modem too which i dont have my internet provider didnot give me (cable net) i just got a cable which i used to connect directly to pc. So can you tell me how to connect router

Insert that cable (that is in your pc, there should be Ethernet connector with that cable) in to your router's internet port (mostly with a different color than of the other ports). and then follow the instructions what you got on the internet, forget the cable modem instructions now.

NOTE: if you have any tcp/ip settings manually configured in your PC for the internet, note them down. you have to set them in your router now. and put your PC to get an IP assigned automatically.

thanks man now i am feeling good

one thing i wana ask my internet provider have my card mac address does the router have its own mac address and if i connect will my mac address changed?

sorry for bad english

^if your ethernet card Mac Address is bound to your ISP, then you must ask your ISP to bind the new one that is of your Routers Mac Address.

oh well thats the real problem they are not allowing me to use router anyother way