Help regarding Hdtv for gaming!

I need you guys to suggest me a t.v (h.d etc)for gaming (360,ps3)and a cheap 1.i just want it for gaming,what are you guys using for your consoles.Does wii need hdtv to produce good graphics,suggest some moniters too for 360 and ps3 gaming.

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Whats your budget

^Suggest me some monitor (Cheap) My budget is 15-20k

Buy Viewsonic VX2260WM, It supports HDMI and DVI both. Its available at galaxy in 20000/- rupees.

In 15-20 k you cant get a HDTV

You can get a good decent monitor though. Get a LCD monitor, 22inch.. Samsung's are usually some of the best LCD's.. I recommend SyncMaster226BW.. Its pretty cool it has both DVI and HDMI ports, so basically you can have both your console and your PC connected to it and you can switch between them using a button. Its a very good LCD. I bought it i think around 6-7 months back for 22 thousand.

Most of the Samsung LCD's are pretty good, So if you dont get this one, get some other Samsung model. Thats my opinion.