Help Regarding FYP(Final Year Project)


hey guys i need to select a project as an FYP for System Engineering

I will b very thankful if u share some ideas

keeping three things in mind : Should contain

1. Database.

2. Some Hardware(Robotics or mechanical)

3. AI(Artificial Intelligence)


dude way your options... i have worked on a FYP project of my cousin and i know waths its like...

estimate your budget.

way your option in do-ability

way your options in avalibilty of parrts.

way your option in "yOUR INTRESTs"

then decide... by the way i think AI is intresting, hardware will require alot of foot work & i am tellin this from experience), database is frankly boring...


mmm do u need all 3 in one project?


nah man he only needs to do one of them.... and by the sound of these posts his final year just started...


I have a good DB project in mind. You can build a database filler that can be used for load testing of database applications. currently there is no free solution to this problem to the best of my knowledge. The basic idea is to explore the database structure and find all the constraints. take some domain knowledge from the user (like if some field has names, addresses, etc) and discover teh rest (e.g currency).

Then generate huge amounts of "CONSISTENT" data to stress test both the database servers and the application servers.

Sometime the constraints are not stored in the DB, but in the development framework, so you might have to read and parse the framework ORM config files.