Help plzz

is there any software by which we can creat a operator logo for cell phones and upload it in a cell phone

^ What OP logo ? I mean the black and white OP logos for nokia devices or the coloured one ?

coloured one brother

When you create a new thread, use a more descriptive title. 'help plzz' tells other people nothing about the thread.

in think i take around one sec to open a thread.......

Well you can make a custom designed logo on Its a wml website for your wap phone but you can use the html version here on your pc.

thanx alot brother but its not workin

Mobile media browser (MobiMB) can do this job.

Here is its official website

HTML version is making some problems. Use it on your mobile browser. Link is

i did the same way u mentioned brother

there i select b/w nokia logo

than i entered text,,,,than clicked make it

so after this it shows me a pics that say hi,ni that is ....

^ working for me !!!!

which cell phone do u hav bro

go to and create ur own logo over there ;)