Help Pc Overheating!

I have a P4 3 Ghz processor with HT on an intel 102ggcl2 motherboard which is reporting temperatures of 90-95 C idle and upto 110 C under stress after which the pc shuts down with a thermal overload warning message on next boot.

I have cleaned the heatsink and fan. The processor fan rpm is around 4000 idle and 4500(max) under stress. It just started happening this week. Before that the system ran smoothly for many years. Plz tell me what to do ?

Had u removed the sink+fan before cleaning? If so, did u reapply the thermal paste?

Also, please check if the sink is installed in its proper position.

proBably sink installation problem

I had removed the heatsink and fan for cleaning after the problem developed. The system has been running smoothly for many years without thermal paste so I dont think applying it will help. I installed the sink myself and am pretty sure its installed correctly.

Did you recently change any hardware, PSU or moved your system to another place?

+ is there anything blocking the fans?


Which brand PSU are you using?

Chinese 400 W has been working for many years....Can the PSU be causing this ? how is that possible ?

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Chinese 400 W …it has been working for many years…Can the PSU be causing this ? how is that possible ?

ofcorse its possible. your cpu need Accurate Volts for Running in Proper Temp.

if ur psu give lower volt than usual , the temps go Up. PC hanging, Restart etc.

Make sure that heatsink is properly attached because it happens if your heatsink is not cleaned,not properly attached or you haven't applied thermal paste in enough amount or properly. I think the main problem is that heatsink isn't properly attached.

Do chek the power settings in BIOS.set them on default. and yea let me know have you installed the OS again???

I reinstalled the OS and applied thermal paste temperatures are down but still in the range 60-70 C.

i was using and im still using same system as your's . p4 3.0ghz on D101.

i face the same problem in the past. i solve my problem doing these steps :

1. Un-Attached all Things Relative to Mobo like ram,cables,procy,heatsinks,cards.

2. Remove all components from Casing (mobo, psu , HD etc)

3. Use Bloor/blur/blour (its a Air Machine) to Remove all Dust from Casing , PRocy Heatsink, PSU.

4. Cleanup all my Hardware mobo, cards , psu , heatsinks again with Paint brush and Tootbrush.

5. Re-Assemble again the whole system.


Temps of Procy = 70'C (before this cleaning it was 100+C )

what da F***kkkk ?? :X

then i finally saw "there are four plastic screws of Heatsink of the Processor , 1 of them are Loose".

i Fixed it and i maKe sure that Heatsink is very very closed to Procy by pushing Screws Tightly too the Motherboard.

Now The Results Are :

54'C Ideal & 91'C on 101% Stress . (tested by many softwares)

Note: im using this Processor "Without" any Kind of Thermal Paste*. so its Quite Good.

^Threshold for Intel processors is 67°C

what you people using for measuring temperature?

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^Threshold for Intel processors is 67°C

Yeah i know my procy max temp is 70 (approx) on intel website. the reason my temp goes 91 is probably that i dont have original heatsink and using it without Thermal Paste :/.

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what you people using for measuring temperature?

Speed Fan (as it is very popular)

Hardware Sensor Monitor

HW Monitor / HW Monitor Pro

GPU-Z (for Gpu Only)