Help On Writing A Movie On Dvd Dsic

Assalam Alikum,

Few Days Ago I Download Iron Man DvdRip Version Of aXXo...And Its Size Is About 800 MB...And Its In Avi Format...And Also Indian Movie Taare Zameen Par 1CD Dvdrip Its Size Is A 700MB... So I Want To Know How To Write It On A Dvd DISC To Play on Dvd Player...Do I Need To 1st Convert It To Dvd Format Then Write It ? I Have Not Made Any Video CDs/Dvds Yet So I Have No Idea...

first of all u need to convert the format to your dvd player compatible format, almost all dvd players play MPEG-1 and MPEG-II format, there is a free converter nemed 'any video converter', you can use it or any other converter. after that use burning software like nero and simply write converted files to dvd.

Hmmm.... So I Need convert the avi to MPEG-1 Or MPEG-2...

Check out the xilisoft AVI to DVD tool

It automatically converts avi format to DVD and burns it to your DVD

Or try out ImTOO AVI to DVD

"convert x to dvd" is the best, it got menu, subtitles, etc everything a video dvd contains.

I m using convert x to dvd...But My Question Is When Ever I Try To Burn MPEG File Using Nero It Does Not Have The Option Of Burning MPEG File As DVD Video...Its Only Ask For Vob files...Or Do I need To Burn MPEG File As A Data DVd ? and Tell Me 1 More Thing Guys... As EveryBody Knows The Movie Dvd Which We Buy Or Rent It From Market. Most Of The Dvds Have More Then 1 Film On The Dvd...Like 4 in 1 Or 8 In 1 Dvd...So I Want To Know How They Fit 4 Movies Or More In 1 Dvd 4.7GB ? Any One Can Answer This ? I Converter The Dark Knight And MAx Payne From Avi To DVD Format And Its Size Were 4 GB Without Losing The Quality Of Video...So Only 2 Movies....I Hope I Will Be Getting My Answer...

convert it into .vob format....use total video converter to convert in .vob format


ConvertX To Dvd Or Imtoo Dvd Creator Convert Avi Files To .Vob Format...But For Me The Size Is Big...

directly write your DVD's from your video editing software


By Converting It On MPEG Format Then Write It With The Converter Burner No Nero...? HmMm...I Will Try That...

@ Bilal1

The AVI file you downloaded is either Divx or Xvid, that is MPEG4. DVD video is MPEG2. You need to convert your AVI file into MPEG2 (extension will be VOB and each file will be of 1GB).

As mentioned by other users you can use any of the software for conversion. But remember to export to ISO file.

There is a bug with Nero 8 and Vista that some burned DVDs may not work in standalone players. That's why I use ImgBurn (freeware) to burn the ISO image of DVD video.

I have Nero 6 ... So 1st I Convert The File To MPEG2 Then Save Or Export It To ISO File.

^ Bilal1

Dear, you just don't need to convert it to MPEG2. DVD video (VOB) is a subset of MPEG2. You need a proper software that not only convert MPEG4 to MPEG2 (VOB) but also create directory structure (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) and IFO files and of course menu files. These all files will be exported to ISO image. Then you can use Nero or ImgBurn (freeware) to burn that ISO image to DVD-R.

A typical DVD file list (just for example, I am copying from my collection at HTPC):

[Max Payne DVD]






|- VTS_01_0.IFO

|- VTS_01_1.VOB

|- VTS_01_2.VOB

|- VTS_01_0.BUP

* AUDIO_TS is an empty folder. It is use for DVD Audio.

* VIDEO_TS is a folder where DVD Video files are store.

* VIDEO_TS.IFO has information about DVD.

* VIDEO_TS.VOB has DVD Menu (sometime FBI warning etc.)

* VIDEO_TS.BUP is backup of VIDEO_TS.IFO

* VTS_01_0.IFO has information about main movie.

* VTS_01_1.VOB original movie video. Size must not exceed 1GB otherwise standalone players will not play it.

* VTS_01_2.VOB second part of original movie.

* VTS_01_0.BUP is backup of VTS_01_0.IFO.

You need two steps:

* STEP 1

Use a good conversion software that will not only convert MPEG4 (AVI) to MPEG2 (DVD Video VOB) but also create basic menu, IFO files and folder structure and export all these files to ISO image.

* STEP 2

Use Nero or ImgBurn to burn that ISO image to DVD-R.

That's very simple. I mostly do these two steps. But once in a while I run into trouble and have to manually create menus, IFOs etc. and that is really a pain in the neck.

By the way, after you have created a ISO, you can mount that ISO and try to play it in your computer before burning it (just for precaution).

Whatever method you do; Do tell us with your success and how you do it so that all other Wiredian can learn from your experience :)


Thanks A Lot