Help needed

monitor is fine... i am gonna change my ram(which is 512 and needed an update anyways)... it looks like ram as i have had many ram problems before... pc hanging and memory dumping blue screens of death... but it also apears that there could be a problem with the graphic card aswell... if the problem persists after changing the ram to 1gb then i would simply run my pc for some weeks on the built in vga and shift to a better card next month....

Hi, h4tebr33d, a Faulty graphic driver or a faulty graphic card CAN crash the system and create BSOD\s. I myself have had experience with that.

I recommend first switching out the vga and testing integrated graphics if you have it and if not, use another GPU (remember to clean the drivers of the old gpu first) if you can find it and see how it goes.

If that doesnt work then yes, swap out your ram and upgrade it but note, you have to remove the old ram from your system for this test to work and not just add new ram.

Lastly, try Vista as if it is a driver issue, vista should catch it (For example, if the driver crashes which automatically leads to a BSOD in XP, itll restart the driver thus saving you from a BSOD). However in my opinion, it is a hardware issue and not a software one.

I also think its got to do something with the graphics card. I've had similar problem int the past.

okay i have changed ram... lets see it it hangs or not... if problems occur then i am gonna change the gpu

no problem till yet... i know when theproblem started so i am sure it was ram... i pulled the power on the dvd writer while it was trying to play a movie... the computer started hanging... i was sure that i did some damage... and it cannot be gpu but most probably ram.... i resinstalled windows and the problem was reduced but occured when i played a video or any other extensive work... the video will have no colors with any players other than bsplayer(don't know why)... hd movies will hang the pc or show bad colors as i have said above... i have just watched iron man on hd for a few minutes with KM player and it is playing fine... i am still sure it was ram... cuz otherwise i will have to buy a gpu which will be heavy on my pocket as i am out of money right now

damn... it turns out that both my ram and gpu were damaged... the pc was not hanging but the display was giving problem after changing ram... now i am on my onboard 64mb pathetic card and it can only pay cs1.6 at like 40 fps

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