Help Needed


Hi everyone.

I wanna know that how is the AMD Athlon X2 3800+ processor regarding following things.

1. Performance.

2. Overclocking and temps.

3. compared to intel processors for example e2180 which is also i think 2GHz.

Secondly how is Asus M2NPV-MX motherboard?

Will this setup be able to play todays games?

Plz answer to all of my qustions it wil be very much appreciated.


u need a good pci-express vga card for playing today's games

which will cost u atleast 7k which can run all games of today..........

plus u need 2gb+ ram


Guys i need the answer to all of my questions kindly help me in this regard.


e2180 will beat 3800+ in Performance.

Overclocking and temps

i agree with shoukat,,on the games question


e2180 is faster