Help needed asap!

well i need help urgently or as soon as possible, my computer is suffering with tremendous

viruses and i guess its cureable without formating my c drive because i need to save the

files. The problems i am facing are as follows:-

1)extensive RAM useage

2)when i terminate the program from task manager it opens itself.

3)the most effective files are the window files

4)even from the safe mode, when i closes or terminate the virus it reopens itself after

a while

Well please help me in this problem before i have a BANG Voice from my computer. I dont

want to format C Drive, have really important documents.. i did all my best to save my

files so far...

Use any powerfull antivirus to delete the viruses.

here is what you need to do

1. take out ur hard disk from the system

2. take it to some one else's system

3. install it there

4. scan with a good antivitus

5. there is no good anti virus :P

Hmmmmmmm Well Install another XP with dual boot.

Download any good anti virus. I will recommend Bit defender plus 10.

Upgrade it with latest files.

Then run as quicly as possible before virus destroys your second xp too :D

Then remove your XP or If you want you can keep that XP and delete the other one :D

I always used this method but now switched to Linux :D


Copy your files to some other medium (like another harddisk, USB Flash drive, or DVD/CD disc). Then format your Windows partition and clean install your Windows. That's not only the easiest way but also less time consuming.

wow.... use dos.

safe mode is the best but i see tht virus even runs there so yeah use another pc.

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wow… use dos.

safe mode is the best but i see tht virus even runs there so yeah use another pc.


well apearently thats what i did.

thankyou people… i am working on it though… my computer is searching viruses from the last 22 hours or so…

^^ lolzz how many it caught ??

Once in my PC Kaspersky caught more than 11000 viruses, may b a record


the virus must had embeded in every exe file

such viruses when removed leave all the infected files corupted.......

^ ahhahah owned. oops :P

^ yeah man. all my docs, software, saved emails, all gone :( A lesson for those who dont install a good antivirus and for those too who dont keep it updated

No antivirus can be perfect. That is because viruses and trojans are rapidly expanding day by day and a virus always comes first followed by an update for antivirus.

I recommend that you attach your hard drive with another pc and then delete *.exe *.dll files from that hard before accessing it. This can be done by "Find" window.

After doing this, you can access and save only that data which you need the most and delete the rest of the data.

If i was you, i will be doing as above mentioned.

Always Keep Your antivirus upadated.Nod32 and avast are The cream of the crop:lol:

What about avira free antivirus?

Does nod32 provides better protection?

I am using Nod32 antivirus have no problem. It update twice a day

boot with linux live cd such as ubuntu or any other... mount the hard drive... backup all the files tht r important... and dont copy the entire folder instead just copy FILES and dont copy any executables..... now format your drive and have clean install then install avast free anti virus turn off System Restore and make it run a boot-time scan....

remove hard drive and scan it with AVG Free. Rock solid protection with AVG Free :)

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