HELP me with my Wii console

Salam everybody. Got a EU version Wii from saddar and the guy said there was a chip inside....

Problem is that it wont play most of the CDs A/A in the market. It plays most of the malaysian games and doesn't play most of the newer games.

HELP please

questions are

1. should i replace the chip and from where

2. what about the 50$ subscription websites on the net where you can download games does it apply to us also. you know like removing the chip and then going to these websites for help???

following website offers what i have referred above for

Malaysian, Shamalian!

Its got nothing to do with the Mod chip. Its the same story with all the pirated DVDs (PC,PS2, etc). Do yourself a favor, buy a spindle of regular Sony DVDs (23Rs each), download the WII ISO's, and then burn them.

As for online subscription, you could ask around in

@defurry Thanx Alot.

another question if u dont mind.

What is ISO and what is Torrent. i went to a download site and foun the appropriate files but they are torrent file extensions

Oh so you are a newbie (AKA NooB). OK here goes:

ISO: Burning Softwares like Nero, have an option called image creater/burner. What it does is that it takes the contents from the DVD/DVD9/CD, arranges it in its original form, and then stores it in an ISO extension (.iso).

Common Image files include .nrg .iso .mds .cdi .ccd .cue

Torrent files: Torrent softwares like utorrent, bittorrent use .torrent files to download the file it(the torrent file) is linked to. For example:

if you want to download the movie ForrestGump.avi

You first go to a torrent site like mininova (Make note most torrent sites are cluttered with Viruses, so beware)

You search for the movie. When you find it make sure there are alot of seeds, the more seeds there are the faster it will download.

Then you download the torrent named Forrest Gump movie

Open utorrent and select the "forrest gump movie.torrent"

After that it will download and you will finally play it.

newbie exactly man or an old bee. lol. got this Wii creature for my kids and am trying to find a good solution for it.

thanx alot u have been a great help. and be sure i will get back to you as oldbees always do. thanx alot though. i will keep your post in my pocket at all times lol.

thanx loads :)