Help me to find links

Assalama Liekum, Please anyone help me to find links to download " Yeh Dil apka hua" Pakistani movie in good quality. I know its available to watch online but i want quality.

Send me links here and confirm here. Thanks!

^ I dont think you will be able to find any good print of a pakistani movie for download, so you better watch online or buy it from any local cd wala.

Yea. I found much but cannot find.

^ very old movie, i dont think u will find it online,,,,, i remember i saw this movie when i was about 11 years old, so after 7 years i dont think this movie would be available on net ,,,,,, well i saw it on VCR cassette :) , songs were very cool

BTW on hall road u will surely find this movie,,,,, as some months ago my friend was searching for 8 years old Pakistani movie (to have a clip from that movie),and he found it on hall road

Sorry cant find any torrent or RS Link

but You can watch it online in 2 parts only

Dude i said that i found it online but i wanted download links. Okay no need for that now. I will watch it online later on. Thanks!

Now i need links for Pakistani Tele Film " Kaanch " and i also cannot find that. :(

EDIT: Okay i have got online links and i will download it via IDM.