Help me setup ide hard drive and sata dvd rw

umm i need some suggestions on how to set up my ide hard drive,

i have a ide hard drive set up as a secondary master drive

i also have 2 sata dvd writers, one in master and one in slave (in sata 1 and 2 slot on mobo, i have 6 sata options on mobo)

i have been getting various wierd errors when installing xp, drivers and games, (all cables new and not twisted, dvd writers are new as well)

i wondered could it be my setup

any suggestions???

why dont u set your HD as Primary Master ?

yar i have been trying to but the mobo has only one ide port and 6 sata ports,

i have connected the ide hd and sata dvd drives (changed to port 5 and 6) and still the bios reads the hd in the 6th master


any suggestions on how to get the ide hard drive to be detected as primary master


ok problem solved