Help me about recharge wateen account

any one Help me about recharge wateen account my recharge amount is Rs=820 i have 512kb 5gb,if me not recharge my wateen account for one month then next month which amount i pay only 820 or double of previous month?

^ you will pay combined for both the months

they charge from me for which month me not use their service

Dude..I was having the connection of wateen and today I cancelled the yateem service's and filled the cancellation forom plus gave them my ID card photocopy.I was having the negative balance of six thousand because I didn't use the services for 3/4 months but the dude kept me asking for the cash but I refused to pay.He said if you won't pay then we aren't going to cancel the account.My response was ok don't cancel it, its not my headache I've given you the damn CPE and think for a while why the fk have I cancelled the account.I just started to walk out of the franchise then he said ok i'll cancel it you don't need to pay.I wasn't having any security if you are having it then they won't give it back to you.In my case I wasn't having any security because it was a banking package introduced by them :D

If one does not want to use yateem's services for a month or 2, then what should he do? Tell the Franchise when he wanna recharge again. This was told to me by the franchise in Jhelum. Is it true?


I think the franchisee was a complete idiot and didn't know what he was saying.

What I was told was that, the account is prepaid, hence if you don't pay they will close the account after 3 or 6 months. As for the CPE, I didn't ask him at the time .

Come to think of it, what about the line rent, are they going to ask us to pay for it?


Please go to wateen franchise, and speak to them that you don't want to use the service for 2 months.. they will block your account, and you only have to pay 99 line rent for telephony (if activated) and 90 rs device rent.

Ps: A CS told me this, but you can't block your account for more then 2 months..

i m new in d race n very confused help me how 2 recharge