Help in protecting hard disk files

hi all members,

I have drivers+softwares in my hard disk , I want to lock that drivers+softwares so that they can't be deleted through normal delete or shift+delete command. it can only be deleted through formatting disk drive, also i want to access them when i want to install that drivers+softwares after locking or protecting drivers+softwares.

is there an way to do this XP without any external software..


Why not burn them on a CD/DVD disc? Or copy them on a USB flash and physically lock to read-only (through a switch on USB flash stick)?

I want to store files in hard disk only

there is an old DOS trick. open cmd and goto the desired folder in your hard drive and type

mkdir Alt key + (a number between 0 and 255)

this will create a folder with name _ in the place. you can drag and drop files in this folder but you can access or delete it windows. if you want to open the folder you have to open CMD and use CD command to browse the folder

CD alt key + (the number you entered when creating the folder)

you cal also delete the folder using DELTREE command.

play with the trick a little before using it.

I hope i gave you the correct solution

i tired but unable to create folder coz while doing alt + number then dos is only showing number and and no folder is created

keep the alt key pressed while you type a number