Help guys what is the best AC split unit


I live in Karachi , I need help guys what is the best AC split unit out there any one any experiences , and u know all the rates are high now as there is Luxury tax , I am thinking to buy the LG 1.5 Ton , as my room is 18 * 18 with huge windows .

So guys help me pls ASAP!!

Have to decision in 2 to 3 days.

sohail gagai


go for dawlance.......these r probably best but a little expensive than others.........for God sake yar dont use AC in vinter season or u will freeze :lol:


btw how many threads will u make of this question??i hav seen 3 of them in three different categories!!!!


o general are the best but the most expensive onces though could go for them .....


this has been discussed before in detail... SEARCH!


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this has been discussed before in detail… SEARCH!

i think the conclusion was that mitsubihi was the best


HI , i am going for dawlance , so guys what do u say ......

and what should i type in search to see what was discussed before here ,

take care



Just stay away from Orient.


well orient was also my choice but now i will stay away from it ,



now i am going for Haier so guys help

1.5 ton any experince

well Hitachi is also available , any experince



As per my knowledge, Mitsubishi is good.