HELP! Graphics of PS3

Is the graphics of game depends on Game or your PlayStation3??

I want to say that is graphics varies from game to game or the graphics depends on my playStation3? I am using High Definition 40'' BRAVIA LCD, connected to my PlayStation3 using HDMI Cable. Is I am enjoying the best graphics from my PlayStation3?

Please reply soon!!

yo dude.. .yup you are... with hdmi you are enjoying the best graphics... it now depends on your playstation settings(i haven't ever played it so don't know if you can change details and stuff on it)

Well firstly, It depends on the game engine.. Obviously if the game's graphics are good you get good graphics. Secondly, The graphics depend on your Monitor/TV/LCD whatever you are using.. In this case you are using a HD LCD which is probably one of the best so yeah you are getting the best graphics for your PS3.

Just make sure that in the settings in PS3 you have selected 1080p which im sure you already have.