[Help] Blue Screen of Death

Whenever I connect to my dialup (the only connection I have), after a random time period ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours I get the Blue Screen of Death and then have to restart my system. Here is a photograph of the screen:


My System:

Centrino 1.7GHz


XP Service Pack 3

Corrupted OS.

Disable disk cache for your hard disks. Due to power fluctuations OS becomes corrupt and strange errors starts to appear if disk cache is enabled.

Read this: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=7825


Either some driver or some basic hardware is not working properly. It is most probable that network driver files are corrupted (maybe some other driver files are corrupted).

It is a good idea to test your computer's RAM. Scan for bad-sectors in HDD. Reinstall network driver. If error still persist then try to format and fresh install Windows.

Stop Error 8E is often related to faulty RAM. Try to remove ram, blow dust out of PC board, reseat RAM and hopefully it should be OK. Another problem may be with patched TCPIP.SYS.

One of your CPU components must be loose. Also Sata cables often cause problems, hence you may have to change it.


just keep an eye on the system time as much as possible and next time when you get that screen then just after restarting the computer without doing any thing else go to the windows event viewer and look for the log on that time in that list.

mostly you can find the reason listed in there. most probably that will also tell you if any driver or hardware component was malfunctioning on that specific time.

and you can take any needed actions to fix them.

Your Blue Screen has the Right Answer. Read it Carefully.. may be your missing something.

I think this thread should discuss all BSOD Errors.

As i'm also Facing problem nowadays as when i load some game or software it continues for some time and after some time it system hangs for a moment and then the "legendry mysterious BSOD!"

Saying STOP error 0*000000f4 (0*00000003,0*86e89da0,0*86e89f14,0*805d2968)

and some times there is alittle bit change in the error saying STOP error 0*000000f4 (0*00000003,0*86a864e0,0*86a86654,0*805d2968).

When i restart system it says "Reboot and select proper boot media or insert boot in select boot device" while i have correctly connected all the cables to hard disk.

SO, is the any thing like cable is faulty or it is some thing else.

I'm using WD 320 gb sata hard disk.

90% of these blue screen errors related to faulty hardware (not software only have 10%), so try changing RAM and then HD (if required to do so)

Check this site for Stop Errors http://aumha.org/a/stop.htm