Heart stop beating

I love Science!

wow! this is what we are here for! this is why we are on the planet.

See the potential of man as he conquers the earth and heavens

Ahmsum. I am not going to indulge in a debate. So observe some patience. You watched a vid about one post op day and concluded a wide interpretation. Do you know there is some thing called foregin object reaction? I wish my best for the patient but you forgot to notice that he had no other choice. So the risk was worth a try.

Let me give you example of Liver. It is the only developed organ with regenerative capability. You just remove a graft and attach it to a hepatitis patient's diseased liver. Somebody put that feature in. If it happened on its own, what is wrong with other organs in the same body?

hmm.....i didn't meant it in that way. I expressed my love with the science.

Did not praise his condition.