Having problem with DSR / USR, Help!

Hello, ive been visiting this forum for a while now, i am using dsl 1 mb package for more than 1 year now, i used to get 4000 downstream rate and 1024 upstream rate, now i know that 1 mb don't allow such dl/ up speed, but my problem is that since i complained ptcl about my line dropping the noise margin ( that was actually my modem fault ), they did something and now my line downsteam rate is 1000 and upstream rate is 248, due to this i am not able to do multitasking e.g when i play online games @ garena while downloading something through download manager or torrent, my pings go to 2000+ which is frustrating tbh, this hasn't happened before ever just after my line got analyzed by ptcl guys.

My speedtest used to show 0.88-0.92 mb Download and 0.4 - 0.5 Upload but now i am getting a fixed speed of 0.88 mb Dl and 0.20 mb Us, i am not able to make PTCl guys understand this problem, they say you are getting exact stats for 1 mb line ( which is quite true ) but my prob is that i used to get better Dl/ US before due to which i wasnt facing any problems with multi tasking like playing games, downloading, messengers, but now its impossible for me.

Any suggestions?

My modem : ZTE

My Package = 1 Mb

Stats :

Line Up Time Duration 00:00:07:41 System Up Time 00:00:08:21

Line Downstream Rate 1021 Line Upstream Rate 248

Latency Type Fast Line Coding Trellis On

Noise Margin 31.3 Line Attenuation 28.5

Output power 11.6 Attainable Line Rate 13356

Line Up Count 1 Status No Defect

P.S if you had trouble reading my long paragraph, i am sorry not much used to write in paragraphs :(

Edit : k divided in 2 paragraphs :P



Pings without Downloads on :


Ping With Downloads on :


they patched ur line again and now you cant get those stats back :) you r awn ONU right?

Onu ?

ONU = Optical Network Unit or in simple words Fiber Optic Line...

No ive got a copper line

Old Stats :

Downstream Rate = 4021

Upstream Rate = 1024

New Stats :

Downstream Rate = 1021

Upstream Rate = 248

See the images this is what happens after they did something to my line.. :(

visit ur exchange n tell them to patch ur line again .....not so sure they will do it or not but still u can try ;)

good to see you here VeNoM--

Well there is a solution to it, but i dont think the ZTE modem supports it, even if it does its kinda hard to configure

You can use a linksys router in conjunction with your ZTE modem

and then from there you can forward ports of your choice like 2341 and 2342, for both TCP and UDP and use the same forwarded ports in Garena ( the place below login window)

after that you can goto QoS settings in Linksys router and check optimize gaming applications and type the ports you used for Garena

by doing this the router will use the QoS Scheduler to give higher priority to the garena traffic and so your gaming will get better

++ Another thing you can do is that you can limit your download/upload speeds to like 10kb/s less than the maximum download and upload speeds you get

++ One way to get back 4096/1024 DS/US rate is that subscribe PTCL Smart TV..... which is free till 30th June

++ Another thing you can do is that you can limit your download/upload speeds to like 10kb/s less than the maximum download and upload speeds you get

Sad that must've helped, but it didn't

Strange isn't it :(