Have you seen the coin with benazir's photo?

man i cant believe it

how the h**k can this happen

how the hel can bb take the place of our great leader Quaid-i-Azam??

now the sob zardari has issued a 10 rs coin with photo of bb

and 10rs coin is not a small coin

it is actually a pretty valuable coin

i dont think the whole nation supports bb...

the only reason a presonality's photo can come on a coin that if the whole country loves her.....

this is pure bulllshit.... and i strongly oppose this sh1t



b****h looks more like monalissa....

Aww come on.. monkeys love her. :P

this thread's not going to last long :P

khair Introducing coins of larger denomination decreases the value of the currency IMO

these issuing of coins classifies into misuse of power too

but they are limited edition

this is sick.

i am totally against it. it'd now motivate all leaders to release currency with pics on em.


this is madness!!