Have i chosen the right university?

I can afford upto 15-16 lacs for the full course.. depending on the instituition.. btw i got CBC in A lvls with a B grade in phy.. nd c in phy nd chem ..nd ive retaken maths this november privately.. awaiting result mid of Jan next year.. Hopefully wud be an A InshAllah.

^ Canada/Australia/Britain would probably not be a good option for you because of limited finances.

US seems to be a very promising alternative. Although your grades are not very good (compared to your competition), a lot of mid-tier universities in the US will accept you and will be willing to offer financial aid. If say you can afford around $5000 a year, then they'll give you some aid and give you a part-time on-campus job to cover the rest.

Some Scandinavian universities have free tuition and you only have to pay for your living expenses (which you can work part-time for as well). There are some language problems there, since everything is not offered in English, but if you spend some time researching, you'll find the appropriate university.

There are some very good universities in Asia, e.g. National University of Singapore. But they tend to be fairly competitive and you won't be able to get in that easily. Other universities have a questionable reputation, and really your degree is as valuable as the place you get it from. I would advise against that.

Other factors you should consider are job opportunities after graduation (after all, you're getting a degree to be able to make a living afterwards), which country you want to settle down after you're done school and so on.

In my opinion, Scandinavian countries might be the best option for you. Excellent, cheap education. Good job opportunities after graduation. Pretty decent places to live with a very high standard of living, and a fairly high Pakistani population as well (if you're concerned about that factor).

Sweden Introduce tuition fees

Don't know about Norway

but in these countries Language problem do rises and weather

it's -17 is Oslo

I had applied in Sweden last year, but the good universities do not teach in english and only some less reputed universities do. It's also not only a problem but impossible to study in a different language which you do not know about. Therefore the university is supposed to be english if one have to study a tough course like engineering.

Sah you are saying that Mid-tier universites in US can be an option for me, but isnt this university the same level as them?.. It is ranked around 1300 in some rankings which is better than LUMS, GIK here in Pakistan...

LUMS, GIKI are on par - rather - better than NUST. NUST is in top 300s. You make your choice now.

@Zazzyo: Have you tried Malmo University in Sweden? I've heard of a lot of people going there.

Don't give too much weightage to rankings. Rankings lie. You have to look at the bigger picture. If you go to a US university (or any other mid-tier university in a western country for that matter), your degree will have a higher value in the global market. Its just a fact of life that western education is looked upon with higher regard.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is further education and job opportunities. It will be easier to make that transition to a better reputed university in the US for graduate studies if you're in the US itself.

Also I'm sure you don't want to settle down in Thailand. You'll feel lost when you move and start living in a new country. Each country has its own way of doing things and it takes a few years to get accustomed to it. Having to keep hopping countries after every few yrs is really difficult. So try to go to a university in a country where you see yourself living and working in the long term.

Stick to one thing, it will work!

I don't know of any specific Malaysian university but Google is your friend [ http://www.google.com/search?q=malaysian+university+ranking ].