Has ptcl launch Evo package for doctors and professors

@neoclue thankyou very much for informing me :)

that's very kind of you that you shared so important piece of HIGH CLASSIFIED INTEL with me.

B.T.W all that speech stuff was only for you.

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Here comes the great SAGA

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Well you heard it right, it has been available for doctors for a long time now. I myself bought it back in Oct-2010 but i didn’t like the service so returned it back.

Here are the technicalities:

1) It is only for FCPS (Members and Trainees)

2) Pay 1000 in advance

3) Pay remaining 1000 device charges in next 3 months

4) Monthly charge is Rs.1000


could you please specify why you didnt like it ? cz i’m planning to buy one, is its service that you didnt like


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If you are planing to buy it just for the sake of browsing or non regular use, buy the device paying one time, Rs 4000, and get the prepaid 100 rupees Day Pass Package.

(if u in khi/lhr/isb/rwp)How about 2500/- First time , in which 1000 refundable security deposit and Rs. 500 Balance for internet is included. After end of starter balance, load 100 Rs. card and use 3 days internet(GBs Limited), or if validity ends dont worry about gb(s) it/they will be carried fwd when u recharge next time?

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A ptcl sub franchies man told me that ptcl has launched evo usb package as rs 1000 per month for doctors and professors . Is it right

Yes it is as u were saying

There is a discounting package for doctors only

I think this blog has all the details about the PTCL EVO discount packages for wapda and pepco employees.