Has Mobilink really lost its big customers? :/

I was just surprised when I got a call yesterday from mobilink offering me a new 0300.XXXXXXX postpaid number with i-one hundred Package without any fee/security with monthly limit to NWD Rs.1200.

+ on my current number, Rs.1500 added in deposit that means I'll be able to consume 1500 more than my security deposit. and free ISD activation if I dont have activated yet (un-fortunately I already have it, I paid for it years ago).

what I need to do is "Activate the new SIM". what ever, I can hand it over to any of my relatives or of my friends if any one need it and if I personally dont need it. but it will give me more monthly limit and ISD.

aaahh. you would be thinking what is surprising in it.. right???


that is what according to them I am in the Top Revenue Generators list of Mobilink :rolleyes:. so they are offering this to extend their strength back.

again what's surprising in it????

My monthly bill is not more than Rs.1300(inc. tax) in average. Is this the amount in Mobilink's top revenue generator's list?

I think it's only strategy to make their customers feel some thing you know in their selves thinking that they are the main revenue generators of a big company...

I also got the same phone call a few days back from Mobilink. I told them i will reply in a few days after thinking.


Downfall of Mobilink was predict many months ago (maybe year or so). Search in WiredPakistan and you may find out some predictions (including mine).

Alas, Mobilink executives still don't know what is wrong and they are putting all their money on stupid advertisement campaigns and stupid packages.

They still think that with lots of advertisement, people will join their network in huge number of flocks. But general public has proven themselves more intelligent than what Mobilink think of the level of IQ of general public.

The secret is in good service and cheap rates. Mobilink thinks they become star because they used to have big corporate clients. But if IIRC, Mobilink became star when they allowed free SMS. That was the time when everybody went crazy for Mobilink. But Mobilink executives were always proud of their corporate clients and think that no matter what rate-card they set, people will use their service because Mobilink had became class-symbol. But if Mobilink executives are correct then why Mobilink is losing cellphone market share from last 3 years and they are losing fast.

Overly crowded human resource, bad management, incompetent executives, stupidly expensive advertisement campaigns and very expensive rate-card for service. Should this ship float or drown, time will tell :)

Mobilink always last to provide cheaper rate as compare to other companies, this is reason of downfall. Although service is not that bad.

Sms Packages.....

Mobilink is so doomed because of its idiotic policy makers. These guys don't know jacks**t about good services. Marketing can't bring enough customers if the product/service isn't worth it. The gurus at mobilink have been trying to earn money be maximizing profits while embracing customer loss, it'd have been a good idea to maximize the number of total users and earn a bit less (i.e. provide graceful packages).

i have been using mobilink from almost 5 years,,,,well about 8 months ago i applied to port-in Ufone,,,, and on the next day i received sms by mobilink saying we have received and port out request against your no. and it is under process. then after 3 days i asked ufone WTH is this ? my new sim wasnt activated, they told mobilink rejected ur port out request,ask them!!

Guys mobilink rejected my application 3 times,

i asked a guy @ Ufone service centre what to do he said " complaint PTA ;) "

he further said mobilink in start even rejected the proposal of PORTBILITY service, and they reject almost every port out request atleast once WTF !!!!

i logged a complaint to PTA, then applied for fourth time, when i received SMS i called mobilink CS, and said " you have refused my port out request for 3 times , now its forth time i already have logged a complaint to PTA , so dont #$%# with my application this time" the lady said " we are sorry that was a system error , i have forwarded instruction to concerning department not to reject ur poert out request

concerning department ????? so mobilink have a special department to refuse port out requests ;)

mobilink is a BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &

mobilink is always a compromise !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am more than enough happy to leave mobilink forever !!!


Your Mobilink story reminds me of HMO companies practices mentioned in SiCKO by Michael Moore.



how did you manage to keep it while you were not satisfied with it?

I, infect, never think about porting out of mobilink indigo any way (using since mid 2006). much better than ufone postpay atleast (used till 2008 then converted to prepay), I didn't use any other postpaid service.

^port-out facility was not available 1.5 years ago.... BTW i bought this number for 6k,,, 6 years ago,,,, now i think u will get for 60 :(

and i was on mobilink just because of coverage issue,,, mobilink had largest coverage u know,,

^Oh yess. :)

my stupidity :P