Has anybody tried webxsurfer small internet company in karachi dha phV


i got a brochure at my home about this small company webxsurfer offering the following

128 kbps , rs 499 per month (2pm-10pm)

256 kbps , rs 799 per month (2pm-10pm)

unlimited packages

Rs799/per month for 128 kbps

rs999/per month for 256 kbps

rs1599 per month for 512 kbps

they say that this is available for karachi defence phase V,seaview apts and galaxy only so far>>anybody tried them out


"webxsurfer">>>ahm i meant to write "webxshome"


the packages are not appealing

it looks like a local cable net


More expensive by about Rs.200 as well.


bekar packages.................y not too go for dsl in that price......