Hardware Malfunctions

Hey Guyzzzzzz!!!!

What's been up with you all.....after such a long long time I am posting in here.............kya karoon yar my pc has been suffering from something extremely wrong these days and actually, it is not ready to accept XP and it has made me switch to 98, just imagine guyz! Windows98 in 2009.......

Chalo, let me tell you what the issue is.

A couple of months back, all of a sudden, my pc with XP installed, along with avg IS and stuff, fully and nicely working, it started showing "hardware malfunction" "the system is haulted" "error XXXXxX" and the system started rebooting and rebooting and rebooting. Then I thought of formatting my C drive which happens to be formatted with fat32 already. I simply did its format, and normally tried to boot it with xp bootable cd. But, I literally turned mad when it never showed me the "i agree" screen which we do with f8 key after it copies all its drivers and stuff, and then we are given all drives and conversion options. Actually, after booting from xp cd, it copies the drivers then it says, windows setup is starting, but in my case after waiting for one whole hour, it never started, the system almost hangs.

I need your help, and this time, I seriously need all of your hel. Otherwise, who would like me using windows 98 in 2009?

please post ur complete system specs and mention if u have recently changed some hardware or not

try formatting ur whole hard disk....delete all partitions n make them again

btw which cd u r using..r u sure its a working one?


Cause: This behavior can occur if Windows does not recognize or cannot configure the hardware in your computer.


one solved issue I got on another forum


It says pressing F5 instead of F6/F2 during the drivers load and select the appropriate type of computer..

may be it helps you too. I didn't try it ever any way. but it seems good enough to me to fix the problem.

any ways. Not the same issue I ever got on the stage "setup is starting windows". but I have face some other issues during the drivers loading process. and setup just throws an error and have to reboot again and again.

and on that time the one solution on the microsoft's article above "Remove non-essential hardware devices one at a time. installing them again.. " always worked for me.

but you should try any thing above.

Hey folks, THANK YOU all for your responses, rather helpful responses, like always........


Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A

Clean install using Full OEM CD /T:C:\WININST0.400 /SrcDir=K:\win98\win98 /IZ /IS /IQ /IT /II /NR /U:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

IE 5 6.0.2800.1106

Uptime: 0:00:28:55

Normal mode

On "P3B8I5" as "Admin"

GenuineIntel x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1


61% system resources free

Windows-managed swap file on drive C (348MB free)

Available space on drive C: 348MB of 9537MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive D: 0MB of 7MB (FAT)

Available space on drive E: 1MB of 9537MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive F: 23MB of 9537MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive G: 10MB of 9513MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive H: 8MB of 19067MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive I: 0MB of 19067MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive J: 36MB of 19067MB (FAT32)

Available space on drive K: 80MB of 19067MB (FAT32)


This is exactly what 2 of the shop-keepers told me when I took my cpu to the computer repair market in suddar. Since my first disk of 40 GB contains data , so, it will take me at least 15 days to backup all of 40 GB on to the cds. But I am mentally prepared to do that but, who knows, I might get a better and easier solution than this one. As far as installation cd is concerned, yes, I have tried 3 of the cds and even one was win2000 but, no luck.


When I googled this problem for the first time, it took me to ms page and all other forums and thats when I got little relaxed that this is not that strange issue that my pc is facing. Actually. before going for partition removal, I think, I will be changing little in my pc's bios but, the thing is that anything which is OS related, you tell me and I can fix it but Bios, bios is something, I have never played with and thats why I am little hesitant to make even a little alteration to it.

Now tell me something! has it anything got to do with data cable?

related articles on microsoft, what to do and how to do. very clearly explained.





but again I think if you have not modified any thing in BIOS or didn't change any thing in your system conf. then you should try first, removing all the components/devices such as ram(s), HDD(s), AGP/PCI-express, PCI cards, CD/DVD ROMS, every thing.... no need to remove Processor any way.

and then just put again the essential ones only like a Ram, an HDD, a CD/DVD ROM and Video Adapter(if not built-in) on the board and then try installing again.

if that goes of no use. then try as per the articles.

if nothing works and you reach editing BIOS then try first to use each of the "Load Bios Default" options one by one.