Hard Disk >= 1TB

Can anyone recommend any good place (in Hafeez Center) from where i can buy either 1TB (less than Rs.10,000) or 1.5TB (less than Rs. 13,000).

you can go to Alfalah computers or galaxy

AGN guys can better quote you

i looked around on net and have found Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 [1TB], if anyone knows where i can buy it let me know [will need to buy another HDD after 2 or more months].

Bought WD Green Caviar because it is quieter and uses much less energy. It is slightly slower than my old Seagate 7200.10, just hope it is as reliable as seagate drives have been.

yes WD is as good as seagate...

Guys can any one of you recommend me a palce in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, from where I can buy 1TB WD hard disk at comparitively cheaper rate? May be for Rs.10,000 or less.

Waiting for your answers...



i am using same hard for 5 years..........

^ bullfighter

I have an old PC in my office that has WD harddisk that is 12 year old and that PC is not connected to UPS (never). This PC is daily used for typing. There is not even a single bad sector in that harddisk. That harddisk was made in Singapore, good old days :)

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first of all there was no ONE TB HDD 5 years ago, and mt some miracle you time machine and you got ti this way then its good to emphasise on that if you are using for 5 years with ups backup or direct connetion to electric outlet, if direct then there is no way any HDD can’t survive in PK

plus your usage also counts are you just email checker/browser or hardcore torrent downloader etc


oh c’mon man

every one knows there was no 1tb back then

i mean same hard that means


not changed…

i play damn heavy games which like PINJ the resources…

not even ups are that good... even a good ups is not good for your pc... and if we have good internet then we can upload stuff on online servers

I need to buy one too. Planning to get 500 Gb thoug

My old HDD, i used (download and sharing on LAN) it 24/7 for ~2 years, there hasn't been any problem with that so far. Buying 80GB hdd is wasting money, you can buy 500GB by spending a little more money. Using big drives as your main drive isn't suitable if you value your data. Uploading your data (big files, video, etc) online is also not suitable because upload speed in Pakistan is very slow.

I upload all my important documents, and other small files to gmail. Keep rest of my documents etc on my old drive that i rarely connect. I download stuff on my notebook and when hard disk is almost full, i transfer movies or Series that i might watch again to my 1TB, i used to back-up movies on DVDR but it was time consuming.

I bought 1TB WD external HDD from A-Tech Computer Gallery (Rawalpindi) yesterday with 10 month warrenty. It cost me Rs.13000...although I went to the market with an intent to buy 1TB WD with SATA cable and a SATA box for the disk enclosure, so that I could use my 1TB HDD externally. But the person there told me that it would be wiser if I opt for the external (USB) one as it would be assembled by the company itself and hence there will be lesser chance of it getting defective easily.

Plus as the difference of prices between the external HDD = Rs.13000 and (internal HDD + SATA enclosure = Rs.9500 + Rs.1000 = Rs.1050) was Rs.2500, considering the reliability issue I went for the external one.