Happy Pakistan Day

Today is 23 march, a very important day for all pakistanis.

Wish you all a very happy pakistan day.


Happy PAKISTAN day all ! :)

Wish u all a very happy Pakistan Day... Proud to b a Pakistani. :)

Yea Happy Pakistan Day to all. May God gives us prosperity and good wills.

Yay happy pakistan day.may pakistan be safe from terrorism in the future.hope all you people enjoy the day!cheers:p

Happy Pakistan Resolution Day.

I still admire the efforts and courage of those people who gather in Lahore in 1940 to demand for Pakistan.

I can't imagine the fear and courage of those ordinary people that were then being ruled by British Empire, and still they did what seemed impossible, the Pakistan.

people of those times resolved their differences by dialogues.

today, it's a different story.

separatists are opting for armed struggle both in Balochistan and NWFP.

seems that we need to change ourselves.


Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad