^Who's statement are you x2ing?

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First we spent most of our resources on making nuclear bombs to save ourselves and our country, now we are using all our resources to save these bombs



lol what do u want? defenseless pakistan? :expressionless:

Thanks deffury and Aamish :)

^You are very welcome :)

My Question is, What happen if we don't have Nuclear ?

Then we would have a massive power shortage....

oh wait...

AFAIK Pakistan has had nuclear tech since the 80s. The tests were only a show of force. They weren't necessary for the development of the technology.

If the tests hadn't taken place Pakistan wouldn't have been sanctioned and it would be a much richer country today. Even Dr. Qadeer said that he was disappointed with what happened after the tests.

There is a reason why Israel doesn't conduct tests even though it has huge international diplomatic clout and could easily get away with them.

Israel may have already tested nuclear weapons back in the 60s/70s.

The 'Vela incident' as they call it now

The primary word being "may" :P. They do a great job of keeping their capabilities secret, which is the way it should be of-course.

btw. wasn't France detonating nukes under the sea up till 1996 as well? Wonder if they got any sanctions on them :P

The world isn't fair. Rich countries like france can do as they please and get away with it. Its only poor countries that have to be careful.

Anyway france is a permanent member of the UN security council. Anyone who tries to pass any sort of resolution against them gets it vetoed.

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lol what do u want? defenseless pakistan? :expressionless:


Something worth defending in Pakistan

Who knows if we have or not or its a dummy :P

^The lies our governments use to speak surely creates such doubts. :)

We have or we don't have the bomb or we having it on rental remains mystery. :D

^ LOL They can do anything which suits them :D .I don't trust this Government for many reason.I don't trust a single politician.

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lol what do u want? defenseless pakistan? :expressionless:

[/quote]wel. My point is we are spending too much on our defence which has forced us to beg and borrow to provide minimum essential services to the people. Moreover, a poorly educated/provided nation doesn’t need external enemies to crumble, the rot sets in imternally. Think?

^^ I agree with you but at the same time you have to wonder whether our leaders would actually spend more money on education and health if they had the choice? I think they would not. Instead there would be more money for them to embezzle. The country would be as poor as it is today AND with a weaker army.

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My Question is, What happen if we don’t have Nuclear ?

same what had happend with Iraq