Guy how to eliminate the Genuine windows Notification

last night i wrong download some thing which checks the validation of windows.

it failed to approve my window and now showing me error mesage.

here a notification that buy genuine windows and monogram that never eliminate from my screen.

plz help 4 elimination that notification.

don't said "buy genuine @ 150$"

I removed this Wga check. i don't know if this is the right method to do so or not. But it helped me!

1. Boot into Safemode

2. Show all hidden files go into winodws folder delete any wga folder or file.

3. go into windows\system32 folder and also delete any wga file or folder here.

4. go into Regedit and find any wga entry and remove it.


TADA! :)

there are many keys available on net and most of them are applicable...and after applying them,notification goes...!!!

Or you can simply install windows again.

i have one tool which remove the water image and make your windows genuine but if mods allow :)

^ No.

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