Green Sheets?

Moving around the streets of Lahore I see many houses using green sheets to prevent the hot blazing sun light reaching their rooms etc. They are all green so must have a common origin (LOL). My question is where do you get these sheets from ????

One possibility is fiber sheet. Another more likely one is sheet woven with nylon thread often used in plant nurseries to provide shade and protection from birds for plants.

I think Fiber sheet not for this purpose. Won't it get the heat trapped inside?(greneral question)

It is most commonly the green sheet used at plant nurseries. You can get them from nurseries or or the tent sheet suppliers( form where you get TARPAL's etc).

It is simple cotton (very cheap one because it's very thin) in green color. Useless in my opinion.

But even if it is simple cotton it provides the mental comfort as green colour. Its human psyche!