Graphic Card Recommendation - >6000rs

I am looking for a good graphic card to play games

I have budget of rs6000

I was going for 9500GT

Any other recommendation?

In this price range 9500gt is the better option but only the ddr3 one, may be it's around 6.5k. Galaxy is also selling one with 2 months warenty but there they've quoted it to be 256 bit but i doubt it, coz i think it's 128 bit.

well if your budget is strict then i guess 9500GT is only good card. there is a little better card 4650 for 6600 but it got over heating problem. i really wish some how you managed to get 1800 Rs more and get 9600GSO coz its a very good card in mid range level and it will last you longer.

My budget is not that strict, I can manage another 2000rs

I can't find 9600GSO on Galaxy

Will ask my computer dealer, to check if it's available

xfx 9600GSO is listed at galaxy for Rs.7800 go for it as u'll have to get another Rs.1800. It's a very gud mid range card.